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pratelikesoatml's Journal

There's no telling what tomorrow holds.

Pirate Likes Oatmeal
28 September 1987
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Michelle. I'm 21 from southern CA.
I go to school and am a communications major.
My dogs are basically my entire world other then that. :]

This is ME.

These are the loves of my life.

"I better rest my eyes cause Im growing weary of, this point you've been trying to make.
So rather than imply why dont you just verbalize all the things that you're trying to say.
Thought this might turn out so well, but Im beginning to see that instead its trouble.
Into a pattern we fell, of prolonging the inevitable.
Why dont you, come right out and say it. Even if the words are probably gonna hurt Id rather have the truth then something insincere."

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Pit bulls = love

Don't blame the breed because of the people. Spread knowledge, not ignorance.
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